Royce's Story

When my 8-year-old with autism was diagnosed with cancer, it was overwhelming. We had just been transported over 80 miles away from home to Children's Hospital LA by ambulance in the middle of the night with no notice (and not even an overnight bag!) "Oncology" was going to become a central focus of our lives although I didn't know anything first hand about cancer treatment and my son, Royce, had never even heard the word before.

T. J. Martell Foundation helped us and quick! They helped us connect with hospital and department leadership who could really give us a care plan, family resources to guide us, and a reassuring voice straight from the top within 36 hours upon our arrival, something we did not have the clarity of mind to even think about while being overwhelmed with our new lives and the numerous invasive medical treatments he was receiving at the time. 

Thanks to T.J. Martell my little guy is in remission six months now and is thriving. We went from chemo to bicycling, from appointments to playdates, and we are so thankful to have our lives back and for my son to quickly get back to his most important job of being a kid! We love and appreciate this amazing foundation for the help and support they gave us in our greatest time of need.