Patrick Mata, Co-Founder of Olé & Obrigado, has been a  long-time supporter of the foundation's Best Cellars event series and his company generously donates proceeds from their delicious, dry Liquid Geography rosé wine to our foundation. Over the last five years, Olé imports has contributed over $150,000 to help fund our innovative cancer research programs. 

"I believe that giving and generosity are not merely important, but imperatives to living well," Patrick shares. "I have always felt extremely blessed but when we started the company from nothing back in 1999 and things started happening so fast, I wanted to be sure we continued to give. 

Rather than give small amounts from everything, we thought it would be more impactful to create a wine with the specified purpose of charity, so we created the rosé called Liquid Geography.  My mom was first diagnosed with cancer ten years ago and continues the fight today.  Nearly everyone we know has been touched by cancer both through loss and learning about how precious life is. This is why T.J. Martell Foundation is such a cornerstone of our charitable work, a cause we’ve now championed for five years.”