Holly's Story

My husband and I had made plans to take a trip to see Locash Cowboys a month or so before to go to Country on the Beach, since we had just seen them at the county fair. We needed a break I thought and this was perfect, little did I know how perfect.

A month later, I got the news, my doctor told me that I had cancer I was disappointed, I felt like my body had failed me. Then worse news, she said its bad, real bad and aggressive and I need to start treatment now, we have to do chemotherapy before we can even think of having this surgically removed at a much later time. They were unsure of what type it was and they seemed intimidated by the cancer.

I wasn't ready to go to treatment, I wanted to get away and forget about cancer. I had no idea that the trip we had booked was through a cancer research foundation T.J. Martell. I had seen the name on the website but had no idea what they did exactly. I didn't  know that the T.J. Martell foundation was going to step in and guide me towards the direction that would lead me to a quick and amazing recovery. The T.J. Martell Foundation got involved and they were calm and confident. I talked to several people there and they recommended a second opionion, then someone there suggested Vanderbilt through T.J.Martell.  The T. J. Martell foundation was supportive and had several others on the trip that had been through cancer in all stages and they were beating it and not afraid to let everyone there know.  When I arrived at  Vanderbilt, the doctors  thought that they could just remove the cancer and even do my reconstruction right away they were very hopeful and not intimidated by my cancer from the same test results that my local doctors had.  A few months and several surgeries later I am cancer free and have had  no chemotherapy or other treatments.  I am so fortunate to have found the T.J. Martell Foundation, they gave me options when I thought I had none. All because they cared enough to help a simple person like me, to them I was someone and they weren't afraid to step in and help.

There are so many out there with no hope or little hope that like me have no idea where to turn. I can never thank them and all involved with them, enough for what they have gave me back, HOPE. Sometimes you just need someone to take you under their wing and show you where to turn next. They did that for me.