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T.J. Martell Foundation
The Tony and Vicky Martell Legacy Fund

Tony and Vicky Martell lived a love story. She was a gifted singer and trumpet player in a big band in Pennsylvania where he was in radio. On their first date, he told her he was going to marry her and more than 65 years later their love remains a shining example of strength and faith - strength in the face of adversity and faith that no obstacle is too great.

In 1973, their beloved teenage son T.J. was diagnosed with leukemia. He died two years later and Tony and Vicky turned that grief into action by creating the T.J. Martell Foundation with an unwavering commitment to finding a cure for cancer.

They didn't do it alone.

A respected record executive with long-standing relationships with top artists and industry leaders, Tony Martell turned to his friends for help. The first fundraiser featured Buddy Rich, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and Ella Fitzgerald. Forty-one years later, the list of entertainers who annual support the T.J. Martell Foundation is a true reflection of that legacy and with $280 million provided in funding cancer research, the Foundation is recognized worldwide as one of the leading charitable organizations associated with the music industry.

With the passing of Tony and Vicky in 2016, we honor them in continuing their lifesaving work by establishing the Tony and Vicky Martell Legacy Fund. The Fund is a loving tribute to their dedication to helping others.

For Tony and Vicky Martell, their personal fight against cancer is over. They are with their son T.J. and are missed by their daughter Debbie and the scores of people who were touched by their commitment to finding a cure.

Continue the promise to saving lives by donating to the Tony and Vicky Martell Legacy Fund. Your gift will go to lifesaving research at flagship hospitals across the country. Every dollar you donate will be multiplied by other funding sources to create clinical trials and new drug discoveries. 

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